For the first time, we will be giving out awards for the short film submissions. To do this, a panel of film industry insiders have kindly offered their expertise to help us judge the winners. The categories we will be awarding are "Best Short Film", and "Best Action Choreography". 


the fighting spirit film Festival 2017 awards panel

Mike Fury.jpg

Mike Fury

Mike Fury is a journalist, author and fight choreographer. He wrote the book “Life of Action” which includes interviews with names from the action and martial arts film genres including Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen, Cynthia Rothrock, Dolph Lundgren and many more. He is currently working on the second volume in this book series. Mike’s work has been featured in magazines like Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat, MMA Uncaged, Jade Screen: The Ultimate Asian Movie Magazine and Screen Power: The Jackie Chan Magazine. He also works as a fight choreographer and action performer on a range of productions.


Chris chow.jpg

Christopher Chow

Christopher Chow is an award winning editor with over 10 years experience editing feature films, documentaries, and promos. His last film "White Colour Black" was very well received when it premiered at the 60th London Film Festival.  Christopher is a member of the Guild of British Film and TV Editors and an exclusive member of BAFTA Crew for emerging talents in the industry recognised by BAFTA. Christopher has recently set up "British East Asians Working in Media" aiming to build a strong community to support and encourage more diversity in the media industry.


Codie Entwistle

Codie has recently joined Arrow Films as a Theatrical Sales Manager. Arrow Films are an independent distributor who are dedicated to releasing critically acclaimed world cinema titles. He was previously a Screen Content Manager for Vue Entertainment.