Birmingham 2019 Programme

A UK Premiere, and the winners of our short film awards in 2018.


triple threat

Jesse V. Johnson | 2019 | English | Action | 96 mins

A hit contract is taken out on a billionaires daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate. A down and out team of mercenaries must take on a group of professional assassins and stop them before they kill their target.

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Master Z: Ip Man legacy

Yuen Woo Ping | 2018 | Mandarin | Action | 107 mins

While keeping a low profile after his defeat from Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi gets into trouble after getting in a fight with a powerful foreigner.



Godefroy Ryckewaert | 2017 | French | Action Comedy | 22 mins

An action comedy film featuring two special agents skilled in close-up combat: Tranh, a young intelligent, down-to-earth woman, and Nowak, reckless, adventurous, and somewhat narrow-minded. They are on a undercover mission to recover paintings which belong to the government, stolen by a German esthete, Otto Von Schnitzel, head of a neo-Nazi faction.

CHOPSTICKS Still 2.png


Aeddan Sussex | 2018 | English, Mandarin | Action | 22 mins

Now hunted by the very gang she was once a part of, Shu struggles to find a way of restoring her father’s legacy, all whilst under constant attack from their new leader; her murderous brother Fang.



Carter Ferguson | 2017 | English | Action | 19mins

A seasoned contract killer returns reluctantly to Hong Kong, a city of bitter memories for him. He is to meet a young up-and-coming gun-for-hire to carry out an unspecified job together, but when they do meet his past life resurfaces and leaves both men questioning their motives. A searing, emotional rooftop climax triggers a kick-back against the manipulation they have both suffered.



Qing LV | 2017 | Mandarin | Documentary | 5 mins

Harsh Verma was previously as a professional football player at AC Milan - now he is the first Indian warrior monk accepted by Shaolin Temple. This documentary tells his story.