The 1st fighting spirit film festival...

Took place on Saturday 16th July 2016 Cineworld @ The O2 London. The Festival is to celebrate and screen martial arts and action movies. The festival screened 3 main feature movies; Drunken Master (The Classic), Ip Man 3 (The Current) and Kung Fu Panda 3 (The Family). However it’s the depth of "Shorts", 12 in total, that dominated the days festival as it looked to spotlight the best actors, stunt performers and film directors the UK martial arts and action genre had to offer. There was a host of actual classical martial arts displays from the likes of London's famous Shaolin Temple.


The three main features that have characters in them that have something inspiring about them. They all are learning and overcoming obstacles. They also cover different genres,  Kung Fu Panda 3 is a family film and a recent release, Drunken Master is a classic cult film and Ip Man 3 is current film loosely based on the life story of Ip Man who himself had an inspiring story. 

The idea of the short films was to replace the adverts and trailers you normally see before a feature film with a short film that contained martial arts action in it. We thought it would be a great way to give extra exposure to the work of upcoming film makers while taking away the financial risk some cinema goers might feel they would be making if they were to pay to see films made by unknowns. 

There was a session especially put together for just the short films as we realised that the film makers would have friends and supporters who would come see just the shorts so to cater for that the Shorts session was added. 

The live martial arts demonstrations were to show the practical side. To see the martial arts at grassroots. It proved to be popular with attendees.

So the three strands live demonstrations,  shorts by upcoming talent and the main features represent a possible martial arts journey. Its not the only way but its a possibility. 


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