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Pau Han Kho | 2017 | English | Sci-Fi | 7 mins

A locomotive mechanic gets entangled in a conflict with his gang members, and has to fight his way out of it. 



Vincent Soberano | 2016 | English | Fantasy | 15 mins 

A squad of ruthless demon hunters attack the Aswang, a breed of supernatural beings from Negros Island in the Philippines. The hunters capture the Aswang queen with the intent of discovering her deadly secret, but greed and betrayal disrupt their mission and result in death and mayhem.



Carter Ferguson | 2017 | English | Action | 19mins

A seasoned contract killer returns reluctantly to Hong Kong, a city of bitter memories for him. He is to meet a young up-and-coming gun-for-hire to carry out an unspecified job together, but when they do meet his past life resurfaces and leaves both men questioning their motives. A searing, emotional rooftop climax triggers a kick-back against the manipulation they have both suffered.



Francois Mequer | 2018 | English | Action | 10 mins

An ex-Vigilante known as Black Shadow must return to his old ways when one of his contact is kidnapped.


Punch me

Jeanne Jo | 2018 | English | Comedy | 5 mins 

A relationship is challenged when three hired goons interrupt dinner.

a chase sequence

Max Repossi | 2018 | English | Action | 4 mins

 A driver narrowly avoids running over a pedestrian with his car. As soon as the two men recognise each other, however, what looked like a chance encounter turns instead into a wild chase. Both men know their way around guns and close combat, and their confrontation might turn the tide in a criminal investigation…

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abla - weak

Harish Parekh | 2018 | English/Hindi | Action | 7 mins 

Nikita comes to know that her best friend was raped. She also faces an altercation with a family friend who although being from upper middle class family has backward views on women. One day she is approached by four men, who she has to deal with as a martial artist. 


Shaolin warrior monk

Qing LV | 2017 | Mandarin | Documentary | 5 mins

Harsh Verma was previously as a professional football player at AC Milan -
now he is the first Indian warrior monk accepted by Shaolin Temple. This documentary tells his story. 


tranh and nowak

Godefroy Ryckewaert | 2017 | French | Action Comedy | 22 mins

An action comedy film featuring two special agents skilled in close-up combat: Tranh, a young intelligent, down-to-earth woman, and Nowak, reckless, adventurous, and somewhat narrow-minded. They are on a undercover mission to recover paintings which belong to the government, stolen by a German esthete, Otto Von Schnitzel, head of a neo-Nazi faction.


Kiwami: Director's cut

Jon Alagoa | 2018 | English | Action | 11 mins

A short film inspired by the long-running Sega series 'Ryu Ga Gotoku' (Like A Dragon) or 'Yakuza' as it's known in the West. Leon and his partner in crime, Sarah, attend a business proposition with a rival gang, which turns violent due the presence of an unknown third party.



Barney Harwood | 2018 | English | Documentary | 7 mins

Breathe is a short film about Richard Watson, a 90 year old man who after many years of practising Judo and Karate discovered TaiJi Quan, to which, he has dedicated the last 46 years of his life.This film is an introduction to your own curiosity about an art form many perceive to be practised by old people in the park. Its discipline and philosophy could benefit so many young people in ways they wouldn’t imagine. 


Kid Fury

Jino Kang | 2017 | English, Korean | Action | 15mins

A Kid is sent on a mission to recover his stolen mysterious box by a nefarious gangster boss, who happens to be his estranged father. 


Aeddan Sussex | 2018 | English, Mandarin | Action | 22 mins

Now hunted by the very gang she was once a part of, Shu struggles to find a way of restoring her father’s legacy, all whilst under constant attack from their new leader; her murderous brother Fang.



Aristote John Boye | 2018 | English | Action | 18 mins

The film follows a group of highly skilled agents who recently they lost a comrade, and it's been a tough time with out one of their own, let alone finding a replacement, which is where this story takes place


Rumble in the west

David Cheung | 2018 | English | Action | 4 mins

A former underground fighting champion is enjoying the quiet life, until a new contender tries his luck in challenging the champion and making a name for himself.

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Project 44 | 2017 | English | Action | 5mins

A short Action film following a Rogue CIA operative on the run after uncovering and revealing military secrets to the Media. Set in the military town of Jodhpur. Rajesthan. India we follow our rogue agent after a tip off that he has been traced and located. Rogue, must do whatever he can to escape. 



Andrea Navicella | 2015 | Italian | Action | 15 mins

Tommy is a young boy watching an old movie on TV and dreaming about his future job and he believes he CAN. But, maybe..."it was a dream a bit too ambitious"?



Drablo Max | 2018 | English | Action | 7 mins

A man trapped in his mind attempts to fight his way out, only to find himself falling deeper into an even more inexplicable situations.