Keir Siewert | 2019 | English | Action | 11 mins

A female Mixed Martial Artist squares off against an obnoxious male fighter from her gym. She soon discovers it is not as simple as one fighter versus another, as a literal battle of the sexes unfolds in the cage.



Brian Stynes | 2018 | English | Action | 17 mins 

Jimmy has a disability but pushes himself to the limit, taking several martial arts classes a week, what he's really doing is ignoring his widowed father's deteriorating mental faculties. He knows that he must inevitably go where the current is leading and step up and take responsibility.

1. Trio in Van.jpg

tiger claw

James Cotton | 2019 | English | Action | 12 mins

A trio of kung fu enthusiasts are on their way to a regional tournament, when they witness a small-scale jewellery heist and are faced with the decision of whether to fight for the Golden Dragon Trophy or fight for justice...



Omar Rabuñal Varela, Daniel Viqueira | 2018 | Galician | Action | 14 mins

Koan is a story of revenge, consciousness and metacinema in a eternal loop



Mika Abe | 2019 | Japanese, English | Drama | 10 mins 

Two souls that have crossed time and intersected on countless occasions engage in a fight to the death, while one man tries to stop this endless loop of fighting. The battle that decides all is about to take place - will the prayers that the origami crane holds within be answered?


A’an Yayak | 2018 | English | Action | 4 mins

The soulbending journey of a Budokai-do master that experiences his dreams and experiences while reflecting upon reality


the kid

Nicholas Wenger | 2018 | English | Action | 5 mins 

A woman and young boy are chased through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Battered and exhausted, they protect something highly valuable and extremely dangerous.


fight back

Loren Trabelsi | 2019 | Hebrew | Drama | 18 mins

A teenage girl boxer gets into relationship with a guy from her group, when everything starts getting out of hand.


the misadventures of lefty deadeye

Marco Sinigaglia | 2019 | Japanese, English | Action, Comedy | 3 mins

Lefty is coming for the bag. The only thing in his way is the infamous Mt. Ikufuji Gang. They messed with the wrong puppet!


every time

Mauro Zingarelli | 2019 | Italian | Action | 6 mins

12 bombs are about to explode, one man is running to defuse them. Time is an unstoppable enemy.


no way out

Max Huang | 2018 | German | Action Thriller | 18 mins

An ex criminal gets hired by the police to work undercover inside a drug cartel, but when he saves a little girl, he blows his cover.



Marina Ivaniceva | 2018 | Russian | Documentary | 9mins

The subject of this poetic documentary is a physical and spiritual journey of Olegs Regzdins, who fully immersed himself in Japanese culture and dedicated the most of his life to learning and perfecting martial arts. The story will get to the very essence of Oleg's special interest in Budo, as well as tell the audience more about the mysteries of iaido, karate and Japanese philosophy from a perspective of an ordinary, middle-aged Latvian man.



John Do | 2018 | Japanese | Action | 7 mins

A wandering, lone samurai warrior, Toshiro Kuroda, exhausted by his journey and dehydration, is confronted by another samurai. The samurai challenges Toshiro to a duel and he obliges until it is revealed that the samurai is his Shishou (master).


Fear of the lotus

Patricia García Buenaventura | 2018 | English | Comedy | 10 mins

Following Yuki home from her first day at a new school, her classmate, Mike, joins her and tries to talk to her about his superhero fantasies. Unexpectedly they meet a group of bullies. There’s something about Yuki that will make the bullies regret jumping Mike.


sensei fran kicks ass

Simone Fary | 2019 | English | Documentary | 19 mins

Sensei Fran Kicks Ass is the story of one woman’s pursuit to redefine what it means to age. Eighty year old Fran Vall is a master teacher of two Japanese martial arts, as well as skiing and snowboarding. She lives a very active life guided by her Jewish faith and quest to never stop learning.



Jumai Yusuf | 2019 | English | Sci-Fi | 6mins

In a dystopian future where racist white fear is weaponised, a young warrior must find the courage to lead her community.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 18.09.42 copy.png


Grant Snaith, Simon Giles-Rowling | 2018 | Action | 5 mins

A Samurai short film that tells the tale of a young apprentice who is taken into training by a Warrior Lord. A relationship blossoms between the two, but one that the young apprentice is not comfortable nor accustomed to.
Years later the apprentice is back for blood and revenge on his former master.


mad Lord - samurai of 1000 deaths

Samuel Smith | 2019 | English | Drama | 25 mins

When a great samurai Lord loses his mind, his beloved concubine tasks General Ekei with finding a cure. The General returns from his mission with more than just medicine, he brings evidence of treachery, witchcraft and betrayal.


dead end II: A Justified kill

Bryan Larkin, Carter Ferguson | 2019 | English, Chinese | Thriller | 25 mins

Two contract killers target a human trafficking ring in Macau. When their next job takes them to Hong Kong, a young girl is drawn into a brutal and blood battle in the murky backstreets of Mong Kok, and this changes the path of her fate.


shoguns of gymbox

Michael Hoad | 2019 | English | Comedy | 9 mins

Disciples of a narcissistic Karate master spend their nights bullying and terrorising members of a London Gymbox. Things become interesting when they mess with the wrong group of girls.


agent wu - the script

Kai Jansen | 2019 | German, English | Action | 14 mins

Wilhelm Arndt, the owner of a small shop on the south coast of England, dreams of becoming a famous writer. With his novel "Agent Wu" he hopes for a breakthrough. But he receives only refusals for his story of a German agent, who set himself the task of fighting a mafia boss, Kazim. Wilhelm does not allow himself to be depressed by rejection; on the contrary, he draws new inspiration and expands his stories about Agent Wu.


the memory of ink

Mark Kamara | 2019 | Chinese, English | Action | 10 mins

Unwillingly being watched by a secret underground organisation, Lin goes about her evening in Chinatown as the world whizzes by her. Leaving from work late at night, Lin is confronted by a shady man - a chase breaks out as she tries to escape. On entering a derelict building, Lin becomes surrounded, forcing her to face her enemies on in a dramatic showdown.


10 minutes for a pound

Jadey Duffield, Linda Louise Duan | 2019 | English | Action, Comedy | 7 mins

Pressures of life, combined with a spilt coffee, causes all hell to break loose at the laundromat.


kiwami: the finale

Jon Alagoa | 2019 | English | Action | 20mins

The final chapter in Leon's battle across London. With his enemies located, he follows his friends into the final confrontation.

Inspired by the Yakuza series by SEGA.


second breath

Jean-Philippe Nadeau-Marcoux, Maxime Laurin | 2019 | English/French | Documentary | 3mins

This poetic documentary illustrates the fight for the survival of French in Louisiana.


out of competition

martial club

Martial Club | 2016 | English| Action | 7mins

An argument in the park between a group of friends turn into a full on Kung Fu Fight