Through martial arts cinema we aim to entertain and inspire people, promote martial arts culture, and support those who have chosen it as a career.


Our Mission

We hope that by making this an annual event that it will help create a stronger market for martial arts and action films, support and grow the legacy of films in the genre gone before and continue to entertain, inspire, amaze and enlighten audiences.

What We'LL Achieve

  • Promote martial arts and action films from grass roots to big budget films.
  • Screen short films by upcoming talent before more mainstream feature films.
  • Widen the potential audience to these short films and to the genre of martial arts and action.
  • Launch upcoming talent and in future show more content with the possibility of full length features.
  • Bring together the martial arts and action film fan and film making community and inspire others to participate in martial arts and/or make films with martial arts and action content.
  • To represent martial arts and action as being a positive thing for society, so each festival we will aim to support a charity with some of the proceeds as long as costs are covered.